The second generation Daily

The second generation Daily was introduced in 1990, with a totally revised cab and improvements on the Sofim engine (at that time, with a 2.5 L capacity). Following the entry of Ford's commercial operation into Iveco, in 1986, The Daily 3.5 ton was soon removed from the UK market as it was now direct competition with Ford's Transit, the Daily stayed on in the UK at rated above 4.0 ton, and now sold as Iveco-Ford Truck. The Daily has no other connection with the Transit.

The second generation was facelifted in 1996; it differs only slightly exterior-wise, but the engine was now available in 2.8-litre capacity 76 KW (103 hp). The 59-12 (chassis cabs and panel vans) and 59-13 (minibus) models were launched (GVW 6.4 tons). All-wheel-drive variants were also made available.

Daily 4X4 van.


  • 2.5l diesel 75 hp (56 kW) at 4,200 rpm
  • 2.5l turbodiesel 103 hp (77 kW) at 3,800 rpm
  • 2.5l tdi 116 hp (87 kW) at 3,800 rpm
  • 2.8l diesel 85 hp (63 kW)
  • 2.8l turbodiesel 103 hp (77 kW) at 3,600 rpm
  • 2.8l tdi 122 hp (91 kW) at 3,600 rpm

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