• Differential plate angle tooth replace

    Hello everyone,due to damage to the bevel gear of the rear axle drive, I had to replace the bevel and crown gear.I noticed the damage through the t...
  • sea and air transport information

    Now, Europe customs will be more stringent,they will strictly review the low price declaration and payment voucher for tax we should choose include tax shipping,it will be cheaper.
  • Super modified NJ2046 MV90 video
  • Our daily 4x4 modification photos

  • Our bank information

    Accept company account or private account If you pay EUR by local bank (the swift code is not requred),please choose the below informationOnly SEP...
  • Truck parts number catalogue

    2992544 7185250 95/130/16 6PK1365 2994048 40102093 8PK1458 5801592277 40102503 8PK1758 2997378 40102103 12PK1835 8160686 40100672 4PK104...
  • air conditioning system install

    air conditioning system install
  • MV90 NJ2046

    please enjoy the detailed photos for MV90 NJ2046
  • The second generation Daily

    The second generation Daily was introduced in 1990, with a totally revised cab and improvements on the Sofim engine (at that time, with a 2.5 L cap...
  • NJ2045=daily 40-10 4x4

    NJ2045=daily 40-10 4x4

    They are almost identical.

  • daily 4x4 VM 90

    VM 90 = china NJ2046 NJ2046 VM90